Final Seminar of Macroalgae Project

With great success, the Sustainable Energy Laboratory of the Cyprus University of Technology organised a session on: Cogeneration of clean water and energy from wastewater using macroalgae.


During the session, Alexandros Charalambides, presented the activities of the laboratory and the overall project, while Olympia Nisiforou, presented the outcomes of the project. From the results, it was evident that macroalgae can be used for the treatment of swine wastewater and act as a biofilter.
2015-05-27 11.45.25

Professor Nicolas Kalogerakis from the Technical University of Crete gave a great overview of the research activities of his laboratory over the past few years. and how halophytes can be used to absorb metals from the ground.

2015-05-27 11.05.42

Harris Kordatos from the Cyprus Energy Agency presented the outcomes of the project MED ALGAE “Production of biodiesel from Algae in selected Mediterranean Countries” and the techno-economical study behind the construction of microalgae plants for biodiesel production. It was reported that such plants are feasible only with the exploitation of other byproducts, such as Carotenoids.

2015-05-27 11.33.05

The ΠΕΝΕΚ/0311/21 project Cogeneration of clean water and energy fromwastewater using macroalgae was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.