Social Electricity expanding to Europe

Increasing energy demands and rising costs increase the concerns about rational energy management. Predictions denote that by the year 2030 the global demands will more than double, while prices for domestic energy consumption are becoming unaffordable. A core problem that hinders the awareness of European citizens about the implications of energy consumption is the absence of green ICT infrastructures. Existing green ICT platforms are rather incomplete, not based on any pedagogical techniques.

Our collaborators, have developed an online, social application named Social Electricity, for managing your personal electrical consumption, being able to collaborate with other citizens from your country or all around Europe, compare your consumptions to perceive your footprint, see statistics, play games relating to energy and minimize your expense in energy consumption.


The application targeted initially only the citizens of Cyprus, with the support from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. After three years of operation in Cyprus and more than 2,000 users, now it supports citizens from all around Europe! As we have just released the application around Europe, you would be one of the first users (perhaps the first in your city/country!), hence we ask for your help and support to use and promote Social Electricity at European level.

You can register either directly through the website or through Facebook. The second method is highly recommended in order to collaborate for savings (also) with your Facebook friends, and not only with the online user community.

Useful links:
Social Electricity application:
Facebook Page: (for news about the project)
SEOP EU Project: