SEL hosted EU H2020 Kick-off Meeting.

On the 23rd and 24th of February, the Sustainable Energy Laboratory hosted the Kick-off Meeting of the ENERFUND project at the premises of the Cyprus University of Technology. ENERFUND is a tool that will rate and score deep renovation opportunities – like a credit score used by banks to rate clients. The tool will be based on a methodology to be developed and on a set of parameters such as EPC data, number of certified installers, governmental schemes running, etc. By providing a rating for deep renovation opportunities – whether for private establishments or for public buildings – funding institutes can provide targeted loans, retrofit companies can identify sound opportunities, municipalities can promote targeted incentives and the public’s trust for retrofitting will be enhanced.


The proposal is led by Assistant Professor Alexandros Charalambides of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and another 14 partners from 12 countries are involved. The total duration of the project is 36 months with a budget of approximately €1.5million. A formal press release with more details will follow soon and for more information contact us by email us at [email protected].