Applications for PhD Studies – Energy and Meteorology

The Sustainable Energy Laboratory is currently accepting applications for PhD Studies in the field of “Energy and Meteorology”.

Short Description
Electricity production from Photovoltaics (PVs) is heavily dependent on local meteorological phenomena, especially cloud type and cloud cover. Thus, in order to further promote the penetration of small-scale roof-top PVs in cities, the effect of clouds on PVs and the prediction of electricity production from these systems needs to be understood and any problems should be resolved. The current project addresses this topic and a software will be developed based on a novel methodology (patent pending) for the prediction electricity production from PVs.

Successful candidates should possess Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from an accredited University in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Physics. They should have experience in computer software (C++/Matlab/GIS/etc) and should be willing to engage in interdisciplinary work on energy and meteorology.

To apply and for more information, please visit: