Mobility opportunities near London

Climate-KIC has several mobility opportunities in and around London which you may find of interest:

1. Aeropower (three month internship):
Thousands of tonnes of feathers are generated by the poultry industry each day, and are primarily treated as a waste by-product. However, feathers possess a range of interesting properties. Feathers are lightweight, strong and thermally insulating. So we believe that they have the potential for so much more. Our goal is to promote a responsible future, where our urban environment is built from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. All thanks to feathers. If you are interested contact Elena Dieckmann at [email protected].

2. CDA Hertfordshire (Community energy development assistant):
CDA are a voluntary organisation working to support renewable energy in Hertfordshire. The role would include a range of activities including: supporting the development of the Hertfordshire energy club – new network of energy managers from large public and private sector employers in Hertfordshire. And promote energy conservation to village halls, community buildings and other community hubs. A more detailed description of the role is attached. This role is based in Hertford – 35-40 minutes north of central London. If you are interested contact Tim Hayward Smith at [email protected].

3. University of Reading, School of the Built Environment:
To test the use of directly discharged waters from bathrooms for sustaining urban green infrastructure such as green walls and green roofs; using two different resilient plant species one of which should be sedum. Reading is 20 minutes west of central London and the University has particular expertise in the built environment and land management. A more detailed brief is attached. If you are interested contact Dr Katherine Hyde at [email protected]