Climate-KIC PhD Summer School “Catapult”

We are pleased to announce that Climate-KIC is offering a stipend for one PhD student to participate in the Climate-KIC PhD Summer School “Catapult”. Catapult is an interdisciplinary two-week programme for PhDs with a focus on sustainability topics. The students can apply their research to real-life challenges, get in touch with PhDs from all over the world and broaden their network.

The stipend we are offering will allow one PhD student to participate for free in this year’s Catapult edition on innovation in the industry taking place from August 21st to September 1st in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Frankfurt (Germany). You can find details on the Summer School content in the short text below as well as in the attached programme flyer.

The stipend will cover:

  • the participation fee of 800€
  • travel costs to Gothenburg and from Frankfurt (max. 500€)

The programme further already covers accommodation for the full two weeks, the trip from Gothenburg to Frankfurt as well as most meals (details can be found here:

Who can apply for the stipend?

  • Students currently pursuing their PhD at a university in one of the following countries: Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria
  • The PhD project has to be related to climate change or sustainability issues
  • Application is open to PhDs from all disciplines and nationalities

Application process:

  • Interested PhD students out of the countries above are asked to complete the attached application form (including personal information as well as a description of the motivation to apply)
  • The completed form as well as an electronic CV and a copy of the applicants passport have to be handed in electronically until the 26th of June 2017 to Julia Woth, [email protected]
  • All applicants will receive note until 1st of July whether or not they have been successful