Webinar: Using ENERFUND to identify Energy non-Efficient buildings – Results

This webinar, in collboration with BUILD UP, focused on how to use ENERFUND to identify Energy non-Efficient buildings.

This webinar took place October 22nd 2019.

The webinar recording is available in BUILD UP’s YouTube channel and the presentation through this link.

ENERFUND is a tool that rates and scores deep renovation opportunities. The tool is based on a set of parameters such as the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) rating, year of construction of the building, cost of retrofitting in the said area, and others. During this workshop, the step by step process of how a user can filter and select buildings within the ENERFUND database will be shown.

Currently, there are approximately eight million buildings mapped across thirteen Member States and more than seventy million unique data entries (such us wall energy efficiency, construction year, etc.) are available within the context of this tool. The tool (https://app.enerfund.eu/) is maintained by the Cyprus University of Technology and we welcome any further datasets to be incorporated within our database.

Alexandros Charalambides, Associate Professor in Cyprus University of Technology presented the tool and how using ENERFUND can help you identify Energy non-Efficient buildings.

Afterwards, Savvas Vlachos, Director in Cyprus Energy Agency and Maria Achilleos, Architectural Engineer in Cyprus Energy Agency, adressed energy efficiency of traditional buildings and cultural heritage preservation by presetning two other projects: VIOLET and SUSHI.

To finalise there was a fruitful Q&A session.

More information can be found on BUILD UP’s website.