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The EnerCom-EnerPov project started in April 2020 to address regions facing energy poverty by developing a business model that takes into account local and European instructions to increase renewable energy sources in the energy mix while tackling climate change. E.R.F.C (European Regional Framework for Cooperation) from Greece and CleanTech from Bulgaria participate in this project alongside EnergyLab/CUT. After the implementation of the project, regions in Cyprus that directly face energy poverty could be identified as suitable for their inclusion in the Sustainable Communities project.

The Cyprus Hub is participating in the EIT Climate-KIC Young Innovators action, bringing systems thinking and climate innovation in schools. Supported by the EIT Climate-KIC Learning Hub and the Centre for System Solutions from Poland, we are seeking to pilot the action in Cypriot Schools, training teachers and then working with students and local challenge owners. We are at the stage of recruiting schools for this year’s pilot, so if you are interested please follow the link for Young Innovators Cyprus website and submit your interest!


The maritime sector accounts for 90% of global trade and 2.2% of global GHG emissions at the moment. In the case of Cyprus, shipping constitutes one of the most active and profitable sectors of the economy of Cyprus, contributing an estimated at 7% of the GOP. Within the Deep Demonstration Net-Zero Emission, Resilient Maritime Hubs, we will be working closely with the Government of Cyprus and other relevant stakeholders in providing solutions that will enable all those involved to achieve the emission goals and standards as those agreed by international organisations (i.e. the IMO).



SMecoMP is a project funded by the Interreg Balkan – Mediterranean, a European Regional Development Fund. There are seven partners of the project in Cyprus, Greece, the Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria. The project aims to support the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) towards effective eco-innovation and sustainability practices by providing learning materials, trainings, coaching and mentoring. In this context, it also supports the young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas through a pre-incubator program.