ISCL Summit 2020

In this great summit, many experts from around the world will come together to inspire you, give you new ideas, tools, and the best practices to succeed in a post-COVID-19 world. Dr. Alexandros Charalambides of the Cyprus University of Technology will be amongst those experts.

What should you expect?

  • Countless networking opportunities with industry insiders
  • Valuable interactions with people across the globe
  • Inspiring community case studies
  • Workshops led by global leaders, designed to help your business evolve and thrive in the new economy, empower you to start working as community managers, and add amazing tools to your marketing toolbox.

Join us on November 17-19 for the third annual IS-CL summit 2020 and increase your skills and toolbox to build strong communities. The summit will feature 30 world-class speakers, dozens of workshops, and thousands of networking opportunities!

IS-CL SUMMIT 2020 website:


*There are only 1,000 virtual seats for the coolest event of the year!

** This year, the summit is being held online and in-person.

For our Cypriot students we have 10 free tickets in a first come first served basis. You can use the coupon code AGC to get your free ticket!!