Looking Beyond Electrification: Is Green Hydrogen the Key to a Carbon Free Future?

Green hydrogen is proving to be one of the most exciting new prospects in the global drive to reach net zero by 2050. With the promise to decarbonise a wide variety of carbon intensive sectors, what steps need to be taken to grow renewable hydrogen and what are the challenges involved with this?

Join the free podcast ‘Looking Beyond Electrification: Is Green Hydrogen the Key to a Carbon Free Future?’ (16:00 BST/11.00 EST, 30th July) to explore how green hydrogen can supplement the shortfalls of electrification and its significance to the energy mix.

Thierry Lepercq, Founder of Soladvent will be moderating a panel discussion on:

  • How large-scale solar developers are targeting hydrogen generation as their next move, beyond power grid connection
  • How gas TSOs plan to revamp their transmission and storage infrastructures to connect mass-scale hydrogen supply and demand, providing energy transmission flows and storage capacities that the power grid cannot offer
  • How industrial companies can bet on hydrogen to fast track the decarbonization of their businesses and gain competitive edge

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