Assistant Professor Alexandros Charalambides

CharalambidesDr Alexandros Charalambides is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a PhD from Imperial College London. His PhD project was funded by Honda R & D Co, Ltd of Japan. He has worked at Imperial College London, at the University of Tokyo and on his return to Cyprus, at the Energy Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. In 2009, he was appointed at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and his research interests lie in the fields of solar energy, algal biofuel production and energy saving in buildings.

His dynamism and passion for sustainable development and for developing ideas and young talent are what drove him to seek out like-minded individuals and create Chrysalis LEAP, the first accelerator in Cyprus, focusing on cleantech and ENERMAP, an EU-funded spin-out from the University.


Room 213
Cyprus University of Technology
Corner of Athinon and Anexartisias, 57
3603, Lemesos, Cyprus

[email protected]