Assistant Professor Sotirios Chatzis

Dr Sotirios Chatzis is a Computer Engineering graduate and holds a PhD in Statistical Machine Learning. He was lucky to study alongside renowned Bayesian statistics experts with the Centre for Computational Science, University of Miami, USA. He worked with Imperial College London as a Senior Research Associate for three years, before becoming Faculty with the Cyprus University of Technology. His research interests lie in the fields of modern statistical inference methods for artificial intelligence, with a special focus on sequential data modelling, e.g. sequence-to-sequence models with attention and variational inference. Characteristic application areas include recommendation systems, natural language understanding, dialogue systems, as well as power consumption and production models and associated self-adaptive planning mechanisms.

Since 2016, he serves each consecutive year in the program committee of the two most prominent international venues in Machine Learning, namely ICML and NIPS. This is a great honour that vouches for the recognition of his work among his peers, and the bleeding edge nature of it. He also serves as PI of several research projects funded by the European Commission, as well as industrial grants.


[email protected]