Dr Olympia Nisiforou

NisiforouDr Olympia Nisiforou has a BSc in Marine Science, an MSc in Learning in Natural Sciences, an MSc in Environmental Pollution Control and a PhD candidate at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology in the area of pollution monitoring. While being at the Cyprus University of Technology, she has been given an award from Piraeus Bank and also was awarded a fellowship award under the “UNESCO Fellowships Programme in Support of Programme Priorities” and the PENEK Scholarship (ΠΕΝΕΚ/0311/21).

During her academic years she has developed a great interest in pollution (soil and water) mostly in the microbial pathway. Both her BSc thesis ‘Determination of pollution indicators after their dispersion in marine water following the Process of sewage treatment’ in Lesvos and her MSc thesis on the ‘Identification of filamentous Nostocoida limicola morphotypes in Valenciana community using molecular and conventional techniques’ with the Universidad de Valencia were in the area of pollution monitoring and control.

She has also worked as an Environmental Consultant on polluted soils water and on waste streams. She has undertaken various Environmental Impact Assessments and Technical studies such as: ‘Determination of the concentration of phosphate ion using spectrophotometric methods on lea river/verification of eutrofication’, ‘Comparison of activated sludge samples in order to determine flocs morphology on waste sample thought the swage treatments in Catalunia’ among others. She was also a co researcher in two European projects funded by the 6th framework program, (a) ‘BIOHED’ and (b) ‘Mitigation of water stress through new approaches to integrating management, technical, economic and institutional instruments’.